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Introducing video marketing -10x your sales 

Does your company or small enterprise have a video marketing budget or Plan targeted at online consumers? If not, then you are missing out. 

Here are some video marketing facts; 

1. Online video marketing represents 55% of all current consumer internet traffic, according to a research done by Cisco Systems.


3. YouTube streams out more than 6 billion videos monthly and has more than 100 million visitors, according to Nielsen. No doubt, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world!

4. A recent comScore study has shown that sites with videos hold the attention of visitors for 2 minutes longer than sites without video.

Did you know that you can record a professional looking, studio quality 5 Minutes video for sharing on youtube, Facebook, twitter,  and Instagram within 1 hour by booking our studio time? Now its easy to tell your story through video like never before! 

Ask your self:- 

- Do I have a story series that I can tell my customers about my business on a regular Basis and inspire?

-  How can I inspire new customers to like my business?

Now you can record High Definition(HD) videos on a plain or branded backdrop. You can get your video edited with beautiful graphics and published on your behalf! 


To get the best of this package, you need to look at it on a long term basis. Here are some important steps to help you plan:-

1.Write down a plan on what you want to achieve through the video in a long run. e.g 3months, 6 months.

2. Identify three styles of presentations that will identify your videos with your brand. e.g scenes and b-rolls. 

3. Call us for a free consultation with your plan your schedule.  

We have an affordable monthly video marketing plan for you. You can choose a 1month Plan, 3 Months, 6 months or 1 year plan. 

To get the best of this service, have a plan of recording videos on a regular basis.

Call us today to get started! 


At Trendline Network Limited, we are inspired by the power of a story; but more importantly, video story with high quality sound. A good video story can be told through drama,  film, documentaries and music in the most  entertaining way possible.

Depending on the story category, we  are always inspired to use the message to influence viewers to  take action and be part of a movement or a business. Our goal is to use stories to market your products and services.  This is what defines us as a company. We love telling positive stories that inspires and impacts viewers to grow.




PICHAPP - Print your Memmories 

PichApp is an easy-to-use, powerful mobile app for ordering photo prints in Kenya. 
You no longer have to go to studio to have your photos printed, PichApp will save you time and money with just with a few clicks. Your order will be delivered FREE to your doorstep within 7 days.

With PichApp, you can order for ; 
1. photo prints - Get your Photos printed in any size. Upload unlimited No. of images. 
2. Photobooks - Wrap your memories to PichaBook. Get up to 100 of your photos compiled into a beautiful photo-book with your custom name on it. 
3. Photo Mounts - Choose high resolution images and have them mounted in either wood or aluminium.